Accutron and Esterbrook Pens Continue Collaboration Unveil New Limited Edition Products

New York, NY (August 9, 2021) – To celebrate Accutron’s most recent 60th Anniversary, the brand collaborated with a true ‘American Original,” Esterbrook Pens, once one of the largest pen manufacturers in the United States. Proudly used by U.S. Presidents, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy when signing legislation, Charles Schulz when creating his famous Peanuts comics, as well as other various Disney artists, Esterbrook Pens is a company that shares the same vision and passion for innovation as Accutron. A year later, these two brands continue their partnership with a new Accutron by Esterbrook Limited Edition Estie pen series.


In 1960, Accutron launched and revolutionized the timekeeping industry with the introduction of the first truly electronic timepiece utilizing a tuning fork for accuracy. The following year, in 1961, President Kennedy, with a stroke of his Esterbrook pen, wrote the historic speech, later presented before a joint session of Congress, setting the United States on a course to the moon. Thereafter, Accutron technology was used by NASA on dozens of missions.

 Accutron Estie 1G005 w notebook

“Accutron and Esterbrook Pens are two storied American brands who share the same DNA,” said Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America. “Pioneering their respective industries with the spirit of innovation, both brands made history and continue to do so today through these special collaborative projects.”

 Accutron Estie Traditional FP Hero

These two forward-thinking brands have come together more than a century after their founding to showcase their rich American heritage and innovative expertise. The new Accutron by Esterbrook Limited Edition pen series includes three models --- the Accutron Regular Estie Roller Ball Pen priced at $350 and limited to 110 pieces, the Accutron Regular Fountain Pen with gold plated steel nib for $395 and limited to 300 pieces, and the Accutron Oversize Estie Pen with an 18kt gold nib for $750, limited and numbered to 100 pieces. This Estie pen series is made from a proprietary DiamondCast formula in Accutron’s iconic green hue blended with gold and diamond dust. Each pen is equipped with a cushion cap closure to provide a secondary seal to ensure an easy start; nibs specially manufactured for Esterbrook by German maker Jowo and can be inked with any international cartridge or converter. Available now for purchase on Accutron’s official website and at select Accutron and Esterbrook retailers.

 Accutron Estie 1G005