Accutron Reimagines 21343-9W Watch from 1974

Known for its Iconic TV-inspired Case Shape

New York, NY (March 29, 2021) – Inspired by the past, but built for the future, Accutron’s new Legacy collection revives some of the brand’s most iconic timepieces from the 60s-70s. Known for taking inspiration from that time to influence its watch models, Accutron offered trendsetting designs that have since become coveted worldwide. Today, Accutron reimagines many of those timepieces, including the 21343-9W watch from 1974 that is known for its iconic TV-inspired case shape.



Throughout the 60s, television galvanized the country by including coverage of significant events on regular television programming. Major networks expanded their evening news reporting and prime-time programming was rapidly evolving to acknowledge the cultural landscape with almost all of it either taped or filmed. Taking into consideration the historical shift in television leading into the 70s, Accutron designed many timepieces inspired by the space-age look of TVs at that time. Unveiled in 1974, the 21343-9W was known as one of those popular “TV watches” from the brand.



Featuring the same uniquely handsome tonneau case design and crown placement at 4 o’clock, Accutron releases a bold reimagining of the 21343-9W for today’s wearer. Offered in a multi-dimensional silver-tone 38mm flat stainless steel case, the watch boasts a unique silver-tone beveled dial known as a “stadium” dial. It includes applied faceted hour markers, calendar feature and flat sapphire crystal with AR coating. Finished on a matching three-link bracelet with 30M water resistance, the watch doesn’t just rely on looks alone — it is powered by Accutron’s Swiss-made 26-jewel movement to guarantee quality and reliability. Limited to 600 pieces, the 21343-9W watch retails for $1,490.



“Television evolved greatly throughout the same time period in which Accutron produced some of its most recognized designs,” said Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America. “The 21343-9W timepiece is a prime example of how culture directly influenced the brand’s approach to timeless design.”