Accutron Revives Iconic “TV Watches”

New York, NY (April 29, 2021) – The sophisticated Accutron Legacy collection revives some of the most memorable Accutron timepieces, each a cultural and iconic touchstone, just like the brand itself. Accutron represents the best in technology and style, diving into its archive for inspiration to reintroduce the popular 261 watches known as the “TV watches.”




Throughout the 60s and 70s television programming blossomed and infiltrated American households like never before, with families often gathered around their TVs. A historical change in human behavior took place and the ways in which people were entertained by one another increased dramatically. Families shifted from the dinner table to the sofa and began receiving their information from pixels versus paper. Accutron’s 261 watches represented this cultural shift as the brand designed many timepieces inspired by the space-age look of TVs at that time, with the 261 boasting a big, bold linear cushion shape with an organic exaggerated domed circle in the center. Coinciding, the world of art was transforming with movements such as Pop Art, Conceptual Art, and Minimalism taking lead. The brand, inspired by these movements, brought to life these designs in their timepieces that would then transcend generations. The highly coveted 261 watches from 1971 are some of the most commemorated.




Today the 261 Legacy collection timepieces return offering a retro look with a modern twist. Retaining its 38.5mm case diameter for unisex appeal, the new 261 models boast the same inverse-stadium cushion case and dial with crown placement at 4 o’clock as well as feature muted colors reminiscent of the 60s. The first style is available in silver-tone stainless steel with a teal dial, sculptured and applied markers and calendar feature. Offered on a grey stitched black leather strap, the watch is priced at $1,390. The second style features a gold-tone stainless steel case with matching three-link bracelet and boasts a beautiful grey dial featuring sculptured and applied markers and calendar feature, available for $1,550. Both watches are limited to 600 pieces each and include an exaggerated domed sapphire crystal with AR coating and Accutron’s Swiss-made 26-jewel movement for superior quality and reliability.

“The beauty of the Accutron Legacy collection is that we can look back while moving forward,” said Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America. “The 261 watches are timeless designs that represent such a cultural evolution within American families.”