A spaceview over Accutron and The Citizen Watch Group

Bill McCuddy, Scott Alexander, David Graver, Jeffrey Cohen, Michael Benavente

In this episode of The Accutron Show, our hosts welcome to the studio Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watches America and Michael Benavente, Managing Director of Bulova and Accutron. Together they go ""behind the scenes"" on the relaunch of the iconic Accutron brand, discussing the strategy, the collections and the celebration of Accutron's 60th Anniversary. The episode concludes the first season of our podcast. We are not going anywhere, simply stay tuned!

Episode Highlights: 

12:20 - Everything is driven by data. Everything is about listening to the consumer and using it as a barometer for all activations. We have to be consumer-centric.

13:45 - There is no brand loyalty anymore today. The baby boomer generation were more brand loyalists but Millennials and Generation Z decide almost day-to-day what to buy and which brands to follow. You have to be relevant to them.

19:31 - My number one job is to think about legacy. With Citizen we wanted to be the true democratic watch, the watch for all citizens, and with Bulova we have the ultimate legacy of America and NYC.

48:35 - We are all about stories. So really my job is to connect to the consumer through emotional storytelling.


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