A Unique Car Ride with Eliot Cuker

Eliot Cuker, Bill McCuddy, David Graver, Scott Alexander

Renaissance man, actor, car aficionado and art collector, Elliot Cuker, is the guest of this episode of The Accutron Show. Together with our hosts, Elliot shares some of the most memorable moments of his career and talks about the beauty of classic cars and how the modern automotive industry is evolving the concept of luxury and beauty. If you want to learn how Elliot began the tradition of getting married in a Rolls Royce limousine (and much more), tune in and ride along. 


Episode Highlights: 

11:40 -  I am actually a pioneer in the West Village. I had the first big deal in real estate. I had a company called "Cooper Rolls Royce Limousine Service" offering the service of getting married in a Rolls Royce in New York; that was me, I created that in the United States. 

15:20 - I had one of my cars stolen in front of Studio 54. We found it two blocks away, on 52nd Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue, in the middle of the street. Luckily, the thief had no idea how to drive it. 

36:32 -  In the 50's, that's where we were at, that was our mentality. We looked at things black and white back then, we wanted strength, we wanted power. The design of cars were sculptures. Today's car designs are dry, there is no romanticism. 



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