Building by Feelings with Suchi Reddy

David Graver, Suchi Reddy, Scott Alexander, Bill McCuddy

In this episode, our hosts meet with Suchi Reddy founder of Reddymade, a firm with a human-centric approach to design, dedicated to celebrating diversity and equality, as well as addressing the economic, social, environmental and cultural impacts of its work on both the user and the planet. They discuss neuroaesthetics as well as the future of architecture and design. 

Episode Highlights: 

16:25 - I design from the “inside”. In fact the mantra of my practice is this idea that ‘form follows feelings’; from that moment when I knew that my house actually made me feel and become a certain way, I always wanted to design form the inside out. 

18:05 - I’m a micro-apartment liver. 375 square feet and I practice as living as large as I can in that space, which includes (in the days when I could) having dinner parties for 10 people and a big stand up cocktail party for 40 people. And we had great a time! 

19:40- It’s always been a huge interest of mine to melt the arts and the sciences; the minute I found that neuroscience and architecture could be put together, I started getting interested on who was working in this field. So I came across this field called neuroaesthetics.


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