Cocktail Culture with David Powell

David Powell, Bill McCuddy, David Graver, Scott Alexander

What kind of cocktail are you? Together with our guest David Powell, brand ambassador of Hudson Whiskey, we discuss his career and the art behind making and choosing a cocktail. From the latest cocktail trends to the best bars in America, fill up your glass and join us for a journey through the pleasure of sipping your favorite drinks.

Episode Highlights: 

19:00 - How much originality is in the cocktail market right now? Are people bringing anything innovating to the market? 

22:50 - How to tell a good bartender from a bad one? Just ask for a daiquiri or an old fashioned. Those recipes have been around for 150 years, so good bartenders have had plenty of time to perfect them. 

25:21 - What's the most expensive drink you ever tasted? Was Is worth it?



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