Crafting the soul of watches with Jean-Claude Biver.

Bill McCuddy, David Graver, Jean-Claude Biver

Watchmaking legend Jean-Claude Biver, the wizard and mastermind behind the success of brands like Blancpain, Omega, and Hublot, joins this episode of The Accutron Show. Together with our hosts, Jean-Claude revisits key moments of his career and reveals how to give life to the soul of a watch. In a world dominated by rationality and technology, Jean-Claude Biver underlines the importance of dreams, spirituality, and love to make a difference in the luxury industry and in life. Tune into the journey with us.

Episode Highlights:

11:00 I have always tried to put a soul into a product. Soul cannot come from a machine. The only way to infuse a soul into a product is through your hands, through your fingers and only human beings can give birth to something that has a soul. This also connects more with the person that wears the watch, it reminds us to dream.

33:28 A few times, I would take my people at night to the village cemetery, to visit the hundreds of people that have dedicated their love, their passion, and parts of their life to the brand. Love leaves a trace, love never disappears.

39:00 If God gave me the chance to have a second life, I would accept only if he gave me 100% the same life that I have lived. Otherwise, I would not accept the offer.


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