Going there: a conversation about life and journalism with Katie Couric

Bill McCuddy, David Graver, Katic Couric

The Accutron Show welcomes the one and only, Katie Couric, to talk about her life, career, and controversial new memoir Going There. Katie and our hosts discuss how the role of the journalist and media has changed over the years with the progress of technology. From the fun anecdotes of the early days of her career to her personal and professional challenges, Katie takes us on a ride into her amazing life.

Episode Highlights:

8:51 I'm still so surprised that people seem to be so astounded by the honesty of this book. Any memoir I've read, unless it's some sort of sanitized version of someone's life and more of a vanity project, is raw and is real and it talks about real things, real emotions, real challenges.

27:35 What I tried to illustrate in the book is the evolution that I went through regarding a lot of individuals and this reckoning we had with the "Me Too" movement.

42:07 We live in an era of alternative facts and it's not a good thing. I am interested in the so-called "cancel culture." Maybe I am naive to believe that a little grace can change people's minds.

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