Inside The Barrel with Ralph Erenzo

Ralph Erenzo, Bill McCuddy, David Graver, Scott Alexander

In this episode, we discuss the rise of niche distilleries in America. Our hosts meet Ralph Erenzo, founder of Tuthilltown Spirits Farm Distillery, New York’s first whiskey distillery since prohibition that creates some of America’s most prized spirits in the Hudson Valley. Ralph shared with us some great stories about the distillery, the secrets behind the multiple award-winning Hudson Whiskey line, and their special collaboration with Accutron watches. 


Episode Highlights: 

23:38 - A variety of happy accidents made us discover how to make great whiskey. We did not have a device to separate solids and liquids and in a funny way it all just worked out. 

24:09 - Our distillery business is a cross between a craft, which is functional and art, which is subjective and irrational. The result is Hudson Whiskey. 

30:15 - We had a fire in 2007 that almost destroyed our distillery. Many of our barrels were charred, but the whiskey came out amazing. They are now a collector's item.

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