It's A Gadget Kind Of World with Jack Rico

Jack Rico, Bill McCuddy, David Graver, Scott Alexander

What is the ultimate gadget to own today? Do gadgets make our life more comfortable or just more complicated? Our hosts give a call to Jack Rico, host of Emmy nominated NBC show Consumer 101, where he explores the surprisingly intricate science used to test every kind of product -- from the obscure to the fascinating to the everyday. Tune in to find out what is the most essential gadget you need to own today.

Episode Highlights: 

16:17 What is the biggest fail in the gadget world out there right now? What just simply doesn't work?

18:56 The Zoom phenomenon is not a fad, it's really taken off and people using it every day need better lighting.

26:00 The evolution of home theatres, especially when people are being urged to spend more time at home.


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