Pens In The Digital Age with Ryan Sirignano

Ryan Sirignano, Bill McCuddy, David Graver, Scott Alexander

What is the meaning of handwriting in the heart of the digital age? What is the passion (or obsession) behind the art of collecting expensive pens? The podcast features guest Ryan Sirignano, National Director of Sales for Esterbrook Pens, a company founded in 1858. Esterbrook pens were used by U.S. Presidents Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson to sign legislation; by Disney artist Carl Banks to bring Donald Duck to life and by  Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz for all his comics.

Episode Highlights: 

16:22 - Pens are collectible items and can go for over 2 million dollars. The value is a combination of their history, the materials (gold, marble and with diamonds) and complicated mechanisms.

18:00 - Esterbrook history is incredible – in 1970 we produced over 3 million pens. The pen has had illustrious owners like JFK and Lincoln and was used by top illustrators. Charlie Brown and Donald Duck were drawn exclusively with Esterbrook pens.

31:30 - "The most important document I signed is the deed to my house but if you ask my wife and I don’t say our wedding documents. She will be very upset…"


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