Pleasantly Tormented by a Puzzle with Steve Richardson

Steve Richardson, David Graver, Scott Alexander, Bill McCuddy

Our hosts are quite.. puzzled by the story of this episode's guest, Steve Richardson, Founder of the iconic Stave Puzzles. Together they discuss how this very successful company came to life, the mechanics behind its jigsaw puzzles, and why Steve calls himself a tormentor! Discover which well known couple gets very competitive when it comes to finishing a puzzle and why the book "The Happy Hooker" has anything to do with it all. 

Episode Highlights: 

10:56 - "Sir, how much were you paying these two guys in New York for these fancy puzzles?" He said, "300 dollars!" Well, back in 1974 that was a lot of money, so I said to my partner "Dave, all we have to do is sell two puzzles a month to get both of our mortgages covered!" 

21:25 - Bill and Melinda Gates have been customers for over 30 years. They are very good. They buy identical puzzles and compete against each other!

29:30 - In this COVID era, we have been doing really well; we cannot keep up with the demand. People are hooked and won't take a step down to a laser cut puzzle. 


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