Walking into Sneaker Culture with Jonathan Riley

Jonathan Riley, Bill McCuddy, David Graver, Scott Alexander

In this episode, our hosts meet with Jonathan Riley, CEO of Portland-based agency Better, that operates within multiple industries and networks in order to empower under-served communities and people of color with awareness, access and opportunity. They discuss the many facets of the sneaker industry and how it has become the global and cultural phenomenon it is today. 

Episode Highlights: 

12:35 - The music culture is the driver now; and I think that was the biggest problem at Nike, which was focusing mainly on athletes.

19:06 - Top collectable sneakers are Jordans, The Chuck Taylors ,and the Red Octobers - plus anything signed by the designer of the sneakers.

26:17 - To start collecting, look at YouTube – incredible videos of people who talk about their process and criteria to collect sneakers.



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