Special Episode: Mastering the Art of Innovation with Chef Daniel Boulud.

Bill McCuddy, David Graver, Daniel Boulud

The first special episode of this season of The Accutron Show is dedicated to innovation, one of four brand pillars together with space, design, and history of the Accutron brand. For the occasion, our hosts meet with world-renowned Chef and Restaurateur, Daniel Boulud, one of America's leading culinary authorities, to discuss how innovation is the key to continuing tradition in the future. Daniel recounts the turning points of his career and how he implements innovation into traditional French cuisine to craft a modern and unique experience. Sit at our table and join the conversation with one of the greatest chefs in the world.

Episode Highlights:

13:37 There are too many "best meals" in a person's life to choose only one. Many are memorable; to me a memorable meal is a memorable moment. A communion with friends and people you love.

26:24 Innovation is a very flexible word. Not everyone sees it in the same way. For me, innovation is the evolution of tradition. When we create a new recipe I want to make sure that we have a foundation, and that foundation is traditional flavor, traditional technique; we create a code and from that code we build."

39:20 The idea of "Le Pavillion" started 4 years ago, before the pandemic. The name pays homage to the French Pavillion of the 1939 World Fair; the restaurant defined fine dining in America until it closed in the early '70s. For me the name is synonymous with New York, French cuisine, and my background, it represents how much I know about the present and how much I know about the past.


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