Sustainability or sustainababble? with Susan Rockefeller

David Graver, Susan Rockefeller, Scott Alexander, Bill McCuddy

Award-winning documentary filmmaker, artist, and conservationist, Susan Rockefeller, joins our hosts to discuss the meaning and actions behind the word 'sustainability.' Susan is also a designer of inspirational jewelry. She sits on the Program Committee of The Stone Barns for Sustainable Agriculture, the Global Leadership Council for NRDC, the Audubon’s Women in Conservation, and is Chairwoman of Oceana’s Ocean Council.

Episode Highlights: 

10:30 - Sustainability at times can be sustainababble. The term is overused. What I try to think about right now is how I can do less harm to the Earth. We need to look at what we are purchasing and consuming and especially look back at the simplicity of how people used to lived. Real sustainability is very vital and it should be taught throughout our lives beginning in school and through everyday life. 

14:00 - 'Kiss the Ground' is one of our latest projects on Netflix. The biggest takeaways is that soil is one of the key solutions to climate change. We need to regenerate it with far less chemical and fertilizer inputs. We should combine building a healthy soil ecosystem and eating more protective foods such as legumes and fruits. 

38:00 - Social media: we need more design and media literacy. Who is designing these social media programs and how are they affecting us and our children? If you are not paying for it, then you are the product from which the techs mine our data.

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