Talking backyard magic with James DeSantis

James DeSantis, David Graver, Scott Alexander, Bill McCuddy

Have you ever suffered from... "Backyard Envy"? In this episode of The Accutron Show, our hosts interview James DeSantis, co-founder of landscaping company Menscapers and Bravo TV personality. James has helped create green spaces for Diane von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein and Sies Marjan. Tune in and be green. 

Episode Highlights: 

13:30 - We use the personality of our clients to design their outdoor spaces. We are always looking at what happens in the interior. We come up with a percentage diagram to figure out the usage and look of the outdoor space itself. 

28:49 - The challenge right now for New York clients is to extend the time spent in their outdoor spaces while in lock down and not being able to fly to other places. 

34:10 - It’s a very masculine driven field and we had to fight that a lot. We implement taste and design in carpeting and landscaping, that’s what’s has given us our edge.

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