The Art Of Coffee Table Books with Prosper Assouline

Prosper Assouline, Bill McCuddy, David Graver, Scott Alexander

Assouline Publishing is considered to be the first luxury brand on culture. In this episode of The Accutron Show, our hosts meet its founder, Prosper Assouline and discuss with him, how culture and design come together to give life to their visually unique books and their meaning in the digital era we live in. The episode also celebrates the release of the the book Accutron: from the space age to the digital age, published by Assouline that shines a light on the 60th year heritage of the American iconic brand. 


Episode Highlights: 

9:33 Prosper Assouline promises that in 20 printed books will still be around; he's not sure about the iphone but books, for sure.

14:54 Our hosts ask Prosper about the origins Assouline Publishing. From his experience working for a magazine, to his first book created with his wife about their favorite hotel, Prosper talks about the experiences that brought him to found the iconic publishing house.

19:25 What is the role of Assouline's brick and mortar store? Prosper sees the store as his private library, a place that make you fall in love with the book.


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