The eternal art of tattoo with Bruno Levy

Bill McCuddy, Scott Alexander, David Graver, Bruno Levy

Bruno Levy is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in diverse mediums that range between tattooing, video, photography, music, painting and drawing. He has performed and shown works internationally at institutions and festivals ranging from the Guggenheim, the SFMOMA, the MCA in Chicago, the Bronx Museum, the Jumbotron in Times Square and many more. Bruno has become and established tattoo artist with a unique approach to design and philosophy behind this form of art. Discover more in this episode of The Accutron Show.

Episode Highlights: 

8:55 - My work gets inspiration from pre-consumerist structure that exist within the tattoo world of today; a lot of it is based on nostalgic longing ideas of travel and home, missed love and romance... a memory of sorts.

10:38 - For me art is the moment when I get lost in the process, forgetting my self, forgetting the sense of time, a very therapeutic way to live in this world. I learned tattooing in Nepal and it was something that fell into my lap rather than seeking it.

13:00 - I deal with the idea of permanence from the perspective of a design that can last beyond trends and time. I keep this in mind when I create a design and tattoo. I am creating something that hopefully won’t feel passé in years to come.

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