The ever-changing figure of the influencer with Leo Chan

David Graver, Bill McCuddy, Scott Alexander, Leo Chan

Influencers have been redefining the way brands connect with their audience. However, their job is becoming more and more complex as social media platforms multiply and people's attention span shrinks to a few frames of a second. In this episode of The Accutron Show, our hosts meet with Leo Chan, lifestyle and travel influencer, and Creative Director of Levitate Style. Leo discusses how his personal experience and what it means to be influential today. From his past career in finance to his future project, tune in to learn more about this talented young man.

Episode Highlights:

8:50 Before becoming an influencer, I was working in finance. My girfriend and I noticed the growth in popularity for travel and style accounts on Instagram and saw an opportunity for us. We already loved traveling and fashion; it was a hobby before turning it into a career.

23:55 As an influencer, you want to stay true to your audience. At times, I have had to turn down brands as they were not reflecting my personal style; I refused to work with a tobacco company as I don't want to promote smoking, and also a tourism board from a country that is against LGBTQ rights. So if I work with them what does it say about me as a person?

36:00 I like to reflect my personal style on my social media platform. I want to be real. I work with luxury brands, but also with very accessible ones, as fashion is for everyone, but often the budget is not.


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