The future of the luxury watch retail business with Scott Meller

Scott Meller, David Graver, Bill McCuddy, Scott Alexander

The guest fetaured in this episode is Scott Meller, President of multigenerational family-owned company, Feldmar Watches, in Los Angeles. As a fourth generation family member, Scott’s forward-thinking business acumen has placed Feldmar on the cutting edge of the luxury timepiece market. Scott discusses the future of "brick and mortar" in the watch industry and speaks about how business is going during the worldwide pandemic era.

Episode Highlights: 

8:45 - Thanks to the relationship between Jack Heuer and Scott's grandfather, Feldmar reached out to the prop master at a film studio and was able to give a Tag Heuer Monaco to Steve McQueen, making that watch became iconic.

14:20 - Though he cannot confirm or deny that the famous ‘60 Minutes’ stopwatch, which opens every show, may have been provided by Feldmar to CBS.

25:30 - Millennials are falling in love with wristwatches and it may be the "fault" of the Apple watch, which millenials are still still buying; but now they also want a real watch. The trend in this generation is helping both sales of vintage and new watches at his store.

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