The Return Of Broadway!

David Graver, Bill McCuddy, Scott Alexander, Frank DiLella

After being shut down for more than 15 months, the lights of Broadway are coming back on! To share the excitement, our hosts meet with Frank DiLella, Emmy Award winning host of “On Stage” on Spectrum News NY1, the news channel's weekly half-hour theater program. Together they discuss the most anticipated shows of the season, the future of Broadway and if things will ever be the same again. The episode inaugurates the second season of The Accutron Show, now also available on video. Quiet now... it's our opening night!

Episode Highlights: 

16:43- Eveyone was texting me saying Broadway was shutting down for 2 weeks, or 4 weeks. Then one of my co-anchors and dear frend of mine told me, "Frankie baby, this is going to be for a long time!"

26:11 - There is no formula for a Broadway show to be a hit. Word of mouth is the strongest thing for a musical to be successful.

39:45 - In order for Broadway to succeed right now, New Yorkers really need to show up. This is something that is part of our heritage. I have missed it, I have been craving it, I intend to support but without our tourists, we need to be there and make these shows work.



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