The Value of Collecting with Reginald Brack

Reginald Brack, Bill McCuddy, David Graver, Scott Alexander

What is value and the passion that triggers the wish to collect watches - or anything else? Where do you start if you want to start collecting watches? The episode's featured guest is Reginald Brack, Industry Analyst for Watches and Jewelry at the NPD Group. Reginald and our hosts talk about the current and future trends in the watch world, the importance of heritage and storytelling and the value that time adds to... time.

Episode Highlights:

15:08 - Smart watches are bringing new users into the category but are cannibalizing especially fashion watches priced at $500-600.

19:37 - Military reissues are particularly on trend these day.

21:30 - New watch collectors are being born but they are mainly in the over $5,000 category; luxury is still flourishing with new millennial watch owners.


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