Time travel with Jack Forster

Jack Forester, Bill McCuddy, David Graver, Scott Alexander

This episode features watch connoisseur royalty, Jack Forster, Editor in Chief of Hodinkee.com. Jack discusses with our hosts the origins of his renowned digital platform, the future of print media and the book he wrote to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Accutron. How successful can a digital platform be when it jumps into print media? What was the process of writing a book about Accutron? Tune in to find out more. 

Episode Highlights: 

15:40 - The Accutron book is a pretty decent technical and sociologial history of the timepiece, past, present and future. Jack mentions it was great to get access to the Accutron archives and learn more incredible details about the watch and the brand. 

23:11 - Back in the 60s, time accuracy was a very important selling point; it is what inspired Accutron to develop the tuning fork technology; especially in a time when quartz timekeeping technology was not as popular as it is today.


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