Wine Around The World with Mika Bulmash

Mika Bulmash, Bill McCuddy, David Graver, Scott Alexander

Our hosts talk about one of their favorite subjects, wine! Our special guest is Mika Bulmash, founder of Wines For the World, specializing in artisanal, responsibly produced wines made by top producers from rising star regions. The episode explores the history of wine production in the United States, helps us navigate throughout the various labels (organic, biodynamic, natural...) and highlights the stories behind countries and regions around the world that are producing extraordinary wine.

Episode Highlights:

12:11 What do the words 'natural, biodynamic, organic..." mean in the world of wines?

17:28 How do you break people's habits and ispire consumers to try more adverurous wines from other countries?

25:50 A lot of people are afraid of letting their own palates do the talking; at the end of the day, the only purpose of the fancy terms is to guide you as a consumer to towards the things that you like.


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