Accutron Oversize Estie Pen with an 18kt gold nib



This Estie pen series is made from a proprietary DiamondCast formula in Accutron’s iconic green hue blended with gold and diamond dust. Each pen is equipped with a cushion cap closure to provide a secondary seal to ensure an easy start; nibs specially manufactured for Esterbrook by German maker Jowo and can be inked with any international cartridge or converter.

Offered in the Estie Oversize model, featuring an 18kt gold nib, coveted for their exceptional performance, and the Accutron Tuning Fork logo engraved on it.

Limited Edition 100 pieces. Numbered /100 on the cap.

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Oversize FP - Box: 6.9 oz    7-1/8” x 3-1/4” x 1-1/2”, Pen: 1.2 oz    6-1/8” x 11/16”