5-year warranty:

This timepiece is warranted only to the original owner for 5 years from date of purchase. The warranty only comes into effect if the warranty card is fully and correctly completed by an Authorized dealer at the time of purchase and/or you provide original proof of purchase. Coverage: The warranty covers parts of the timepiece that have failed due to original defects in materials or workmanship under normal use, including the capacitor. An authorized service center at its discretion, will replace the timepiece with a comparable timepiece. This warranty does not cover: 1.Periodic Service and Maintenance; 2.Damage resulting from improper handling, abnormal use, alteration, negligence or lack of care of the timepiece; 3.Normal wear and tear and aging including deterioration and scratches to the timepiece finish (case, bracelet, crown or crystal); 4.The crystal or band; 5.Water damage if the model is not marked “water-resistant” and/or there is moisture or water damage to the timepiece if improperly resealed after opening of the case; 6.Improperly or incorrectly performed Service and Maintenance, repairs or servicing voids the warranty. Any Service and Maintenance, repairs or servicing which requires opening of the case, must be performed in an authorized service center.


Do not open the case back of your timepiece under any circumstances. Consult the store where you purchased your timepiece or an authorized service center when service is required. All parts of this timepiece, except for the strap, are to be repaired only at an authorized service center because special technologies and equipment are required to perform repairs, inspections and adjustments. Please refer to the Parts & Repair section of our website www.accutronwatch.com for instructions on how to send your timepiece to an authorized service center.