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Jack Forster is global editorial director at http://WatchBox.com. Prior to that, he was editor in chief at http://HODINKEE.com, and editor in chief at Revolution Magazine, USA. He is known for his interest in both modern watchmaking, as well as the history of watches, watchmaking, clocks, and timekeeping, especially the evolution and development of calendar systems, and precision timekeeping. He is the author of “Cartier: Time Art” and has contributed to “Accutron: From The Space Age To The Digital Age,” and “Collecting Watches: A Guide By HODINKEE.” He has written in the past for a number of publications, including Vanity Fair, Forbes, and CNN. He has also been a community moderator for ThePuristS.com (now http://PuristSPro.com).

His interest in watches and clocks began while he was in graduate school, and began to repair vintage pocket watches – usually from American manufacturers — as a hobby.

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