Showcasing its legacy as one of the most important innovators in timekeeping history, Accutron celebrates another year of its return with a thrilling new partnership with Le Kool Champagne, established by Robert Kool Bell, Leader and Co-Founder of Kool & The Gang, American R&B, soul, and funk band.


The collaboration brings together two brands synonymous in spirit, luxury craftsmanship, and the pursuit of timeless excellence. Known across multiple generations for their iconic songs such as “Ladies Night,” “Jungle Boogie,” and “Celebration,” Kool & The Gang started around the same time and in very close proximity to the NYC-based Accutron watch brand. With the same passion for excellence, Robert Kool Bell sought out Grand Cru Vineyards from owners that have been producing for generations. As a result, Mr. Bell partnered with Paul Berthelot, a multi-vintage producer of spirits since 1884, to launch Le Kool – known as the Celebration Champagne.


As Accutron embarks on its next chapter of celebration specifically with Ladies in mind, the brand continues to look at forward-thinking and prestigious American partners for distinct collaborations. The brand is proud to partner with Le Kool Champagne for new Legacy Collection timepieces inspired by their full line of distinguished champagnes, specifically their new First Lady Rosé.


The Legacy collection encompasses the revival of some of the most memorable timepieces, each a cultural and iconic touchstone, just like the Accutron brand itself. Drawing inspiration from the beautifully designed Le Kool champagne bottles with vibrant accents of metallic hues, Accutron reinspires two of its most feminine automatic Swiss Made Legacy styles – the “565” and “412” into glamourous strap sets for the new Accutron Legacy x Le Kool collection.


The “565,” also known as the “Football Cross Hatch” watch made a statement when it was first released in 1966 because of its distinct Archimedean and Time Series spirals incorporated into the asymmetrical case design as seen in the crosshatch detail on the current bezel. Used by many period architects and interior designers, this is a prime example of Accutron’s connection to the unique American aesthetic. The new Accutron Legacy “565” features a 34mm stainless steel case with crown placement at 4 o’clock, a 3-hand silver white dial, bold hour markers and an outer minutes track, set on a blush metallic leather strap with two additional black and gold metallic leather straps, all featuring a 3 piece buckle and quick release system.


The “412” is a historically significant timepiece for the brand, as it is the original case design for Accutron’s iconic Spaceview. A tried-and-true classic featuring a 34mm gold-tone stainless steel round case with the same unique bull horn lugs and crown placement at 4 o’clock. The 3-hand silver white dial boasts gold-tone applied and faceted hour markers and a double boxed sapphire crystal with AR coating making for a refined and elegant look. The “412” is now offered on a gold metallic leather strap with two additional black and bronze metallic leather straps, all featuring a 3 piece buckle and quick release system.

“Working with a Music Icon such as Robert Kool Bell of Kool & The Gang is central to Accutron’s vision of unique partnerships tied to the wonderful and varied fabric of ‘Americana’ culture,” says Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America. “His love and passion for champagne represents the DNA of our brand: historic, innovative and always thinking about how yesterday can infuse the future, which has led to the creation of Le Kool, opening a new door for us to explore this bubbly and ebullient world together.

"I feel my history and Accutron's have many parallels in terms of innovation and passion. For me finding a new sound or for Accutron a new way to tell time has always been of the forefront of our thinking," says Robert "Kool" Bell, Founder of Le Kool Champagne. "It's great to partner this amazing brand with my champagne Le Kool, which has been a passion of mine ever since touring Europe with Kool & The Gang. The new Le Kool Legacy watches inspired by our many champagnes are a moment of pride for me as I have always celebrated women through my music and in life. I gave you Ladies Night and now The First Lady. Celebrate Good Times Come on!”